reasons to elope in costa rica

Ever since our first trip to Costa Rica in 2018, we’ve been in love with everything the country has to offer. Lots of history, authentic cuisine, waterfalls, boat rides, and (quite possibly our favorite part) sloths and other amazing animals!

We also think these provide some amazing reasons why it’s one of the best places to elope in the world. Check out our top reasons why you should elope to Costa Rica below:

1. Perfect combination of beaches and rainforest.

Sometimes, trying to pick between a coastal elopement versus one with mountains and trees can feel like such a tough call. But in Costa Rica, you can easily access both within the same day (or during a 2-day elopement!).

There are some beautiful beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, while much of the inland areas are covered in lush, tropical rainforests and mountains. So instead of settling, you can have everything you love, all in one stunning landscape!

2. Wildlife!

Costa Rica is also home to some of the most unique animals on the planet. In just a handful of days on your trip, you can see a variety of creatures like tapirs, coatis, toucans, three-toed sloths, iguanas, tree frogs, and one or more of the four species of monkeys native to CR. Seeing wildlife on your elopement day just adds to the type of unforgettable experience you may be looking for.

3. Hot springs and volcanoes.

For a more relaxing vibe, try dipping into one of the hot springs in the region — all formed from the volcanic activity happening beneath the Earth’s surface in Costa Rica.

A personal favorite during our trip was the Baldi Hot Springs. Although plenty of people stay at the resort here on site, they also offer day passes if you are just passing through. With over 25 thermal water pools ranging in temperatures to suit your comfort level, and multiple swim-up bartops to order your favorite tropical cocktails at, there’s a lot to love about this place.

Just picture it: ending your adventure elopement day or weekend with a steamy swim in a natural jacuzzi to kick-off your honeymoon.

4. American-friendly.

Between 50,000-70,000 Americans and expatriates currently live in Costa Rica today. The growth and influence they’ve had over the last several decades in the country (as well as a boom in tourism from the US) has led to a huge increase in places that speak English and accept the American dollar within CR. This means that knowing your Spanish and exchanging your cash for local funds can certainly be helpful, but definitely not at all required when traveling in the area.

5. Less expensive than other similar landscapes (such as Hawaii).

If you’re dreaming of a tropical destination like Maui, but simply can’t afford the high-end pricing of flights, hotel, and food there, Costa Rica is a fantastic secondary option where your money can go farther. So whether you want to pocket that extra change in savings, or turn those additional funds into a longer trip to the country, Costa Rica is certainly a more economical choice for your elopement.

6. Peaceful and romantic.

From the dozens of all-inclusive resorts or intimate rental homes, the sunsets over the ocean, or the overall laid-back ambiance of this culture, it’s really hard for anyone to come here and not feel completely at ease. You can spend the day on a boat cruising open waters, get a massage before a romantic dinner, listen to the rain fall from a covered patio . . . it’s all part of a great experience you can have by celebrating your elopement and honeymoon in one trip.

7. Easy flights from the US.

With direct flights to Costa Rica through Southwest Airlines and Delta — and no visa needed, just your American passport — getting there isn’t complicated. So even if you wanted to bring along your closest friends and family with you for your elopement day, it’s totally doable, and likely much easier than you think.

^Actual photos from the 2018 trip: Kaitlyn on the left during zip lining; Kaitlyn and her husband on the right during the ATV tour.

8. Ideal for anyone who loves adventure.

This is the big one: Costa Rica is an absolute dream for those who want to spend most (or all!) of their time exploring everything this place has to offer. There are snorkeling and other boat tours on the coast, hiking trails in the national parks, zip-lining through the rainforest, and ATV off-road tours.

Or if surfing, kayaking, horseback riding, canyoneering, rappelling, or whitewater rafting sound more up your alley, they have those, too! The wide range of adventurous options here definitely makes it one of the best places in the world to elope.

PS – There’s even an old 727 Airplane hotel in Costa Rica that you can stay in overnight! Check out the video tour our friends Lauren + Daniel made on their trip here.

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