about our photo + video team

We love chasing waterfalls, watching sunrises over alpine lakes, walking the shoreline at the beach, and listening to the rain.

Our team specializes in adventure elopements and destination weddings across the globe, with a unique focus on locations and venues that feature the element of water. 

Collectively, we’ve captured over 200 weddings and elopements and have traveled thousands of miles to explore this beautiful planet of ours. Our favorite part? We love that our jobs give us the chance to bring our passion for storytelling and the environment together in such a meaningful way for others. 

what skyewater means to us

We believe that love, like water, is necessary for life.

It’s a strong and powerful force, but also a comforting and peaceful one. It heals and nourishes us. It can make us feel alive, yet calm, all at once. Water has the ability to move us, both physically and emotionally, in ways we may not be able to put into words . . . just as love does.

Water has also moved and shaped the landscape of our planet in a variety of ways. Bodies of water support the areas with the greatest biodiversity on our planet. Water is so powerful, even places that are now dry — like deserts, mountains, and canyons — still show impacts from water that used to be there millions of years ago (in the form of rain, snow, rivers, lakes, floods and glaciers).

Skye is a beautiful Scottish word that can simply mean cloud or sky, but often means adventurous or free-spirited. By combining these two words, our photo and video brand evokes the unique and authentic wedding day experiences we offer to couples who want waterscapes and the natural world to play an important role in the celebration of their marriage.

our team


Although originally born in Florida, Kaitlyn’s always been more of a mountain (and waterfall!) girl at heart. She currently lives with her husband and pup Bruiser in a tiny mountain town outside of Colorado Springs, but dreams of living on the road full-time someday or finding a piece of land with a waterfall or creek on the property. 

The outdoors is one of her big passions – both on and off camera. Not only does Kaitlyn help couples with their adventure wedding plans, but she also captures landscape and wildlife photos, and earned a Masters degree in nature writing from University of Nevada, Reno. Someday, she’ll get around to finishing her memoirs and nature essay book ideas! 

Eloping is also what Kaitlyn wished she would have done with her husband back in 2016, although they did have a pretty epic honeymoon adventure: road tripping across the country in an RV for six weeks! Now she aims to guide other couples to find a wedding day experience that feels most authentic to them. 


Rebecca guides couples into flattering poses and gorgeous light – even when they think they’re “awkward” on camera. Renowned for her positive energy, gentle (but effective) motivational prowess, and magical ability to make it look like everyone was smiling all day. She loves parentheticals, genuine emotion, and getting the perfect shot. 

Rebecca went to school for photography back in 2005, and has worked myriad photo-related jobs since, all across the country: Tennessee, Kansas, Alaska, Florida, and now Colorado. She focuses on weddings and portraits for outdoorsy, fun, kind couples. She is a white water raft guide, a rock climber, a dog-mom, and has converted her CR-V to have a bed in the back for all of the road-tripping inherent with being an adventure photographer.

Rebecca will be a great fit for couples looking for a fun, talented photographer who captures intimate moments with ninja-like respect, but offers guidance during more posed formals.


This is Natalie, but everyone calls her Nat! She’s got a bubbly and light-hearted personality that she loves sharing with others. She has a knack for documenting colorful love stories in beautiful places. Moments, love, and connections are the driving forces behind her passion for photography. But being able to spread love and light in the world is what really fills her cup. 

In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with her family, adventuring, and learning new ways to be creative as much as possible. Natalie helps our couples with both outdoorsy wedding photography and fun, adventurous elopement photography!


Colorado native Cassandra lives for chasing sunsets and film making – especially when those two things are combined. She loves storytelling through visual imagery, and SUPRISE, love stories are her favorite to tell! She strives to create wedding films that evoke emotion and warm your heart, even a decade later. She loves video with bold, vibrant color, cinematic motion, and deep meaning. In addition to her camera skills, her upbeat and quirky personality make her a pleasure to be around.

Cassandra studied photography and marketing in her undergrad, and shortly after college took up filmmaking. When she’s not behind the camera, she’s out hiking with her husky Echo, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or any outdoor activity that has term “adventure” associated with it.

our giving back program

Each time a couple books with us, they can choose one of the four organizations we’re supporting to donate a portion of their package price to.

These organizations support clean water programs (for people and the earth), outdoor education and experience, and research and conservation efforts.

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While we’d be absolutely stoked if you end up picking us to be your elopement photo and video team, we believe the most important thing is that you feel 100% comfortable (and excited!) during the entire process.

Whether you have no idea how this elopement thing works, you need help with location ideas, or you aren’t sure where to begin, reach out to us today to set up a free discovery call and see if we’re the right fit for your big day.