elopement ideas for couples who love water

Water is one of the best metaphors for love. It’s powerful enough to shape the landscape through tides, rivers, floods and storms. But it’s also gentle enough for us to be calmed by it, and exciting enough for us to seek it out in our travels, sports, and adventures.

And this all makes water the perfect element to include in your elopement celebration! Maybe you’re someone who is the most at peace when walking alongside the shore with your soon-to-be spouse. Or maybe you feel the most alive when you’re at the base of a waterfall or cruising out into open water. Well, this post is for you!

We’ve compiled a list of pretty spectacular elopement ideas focused on water adventures below!

waterfall elopement oregon photographer

Elope by a waterfall, creek/river, lake, ocean, or other body of water.

If you didn’t already know, the Earth’s surface is over 2/3 water (or about 70 percent). Between oceans, streams, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, and springs, there’s definitely no shortage of places you can go to elope by a body of water that feels meaningful to you.

adventure elopement idea seaplane ride

Take a seaplane ride.

Coastal and lakefront locations alike have plenty of activities to offer, and one of our favorite ideas is to take a seaplane ride on your elopement day!

Some of the most popular spots for this include: Seattle, San Francisco, Florida, Minnesota, Canada, Alaska, Australia and the Maldives. It’s a fantastic way to see the water and cities from above, and surely to be an unforgettable experience for your elopement.

underwater wedding photos

Dip into some cold or hot springs!

If you’ve never experienced a relaxing day or night in a soothing natural hot spring, maybe your elopement is the perfect opportunity to try them out!

And for those willing to travel great distances, you can find some of the best hot springs all across the globe, from Iceland and Turkey to Chile and Tibet. There are even plenty here in the states if you’re considering eloping to Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, or Utah.

On the other end of the spectrum, cold springs (such as the ones found in Florida) offer refreshingly cold, deep, and turquoise water. The water is some of the clearest you’ll ever see in the world. These are very popular destinations, especially during the heat of the summer, but can be worth battling the crowds if you love tubing, rafting, or snorkeling.

unique elopement ideas

Scuba dive or snorkel for your elopement.

Maybe you feel more at home under the surface, in which scuba diving could be the dream adventure for your elopement day.

An underwater wedding is an epic way to start off your marriage. Although our team dreams of being scuba-certified someday, we at least already have some underwater photography experience and would love to join you if scuba diving is the right fit for your day!

aquarium wedding ideas

Visit an aquarium.

For a less outdoorsy option, couples who love marine life may feel more comfortable inside at a local aquarium. It’s a great opportunity to support educational organizations that teach communities about protecting sea life, water conservation, and other important environmental issues, all while celebrating your big day.

people who love water elope on a catamaran

Get married on a catamaran or sail boat.

Brave the open waters on a sunny day in the Caribbean or other tropical destinations by eloping on a small boat! It’s far more intimate, personalized, and eco-friendly than bigger, crowded cruise ships.

private boat bahamas elopement

Rent out a dinner cruise boat.

Sunset dinner cruises are a fun way to celebrate an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family. Some of the most popular destination options for dinner cruises include Hawaii, New York, Chicago, Portland, and San Diego.

alaska glacier helicopter elopement

Take a tour of ice caves or glaciers.

If you prefer colder, harsher climates, exploring some ice caves and glaciers may be more exciting for you. There are pretty amazing ice cave tours in Iceland, Alaska, and British Columbia. Or you could head far south to Antarctica for the ultimate expedition in the cold!

kayak elopement locations colorado drone photo

Parasail or canoe/kayak.

While you don’t have to do these water activities in your wedding attire, you have to admit they’d make for some pretty amazing photos and videos.

rainforest elopement ideas

Elope in a rainforest.

Rainforests are some of the most biodiverse environments on Earth. This makes them extremely important to our planet’s health.

But their lush, green plants, abundant wildlife, and gushing waterfalls are also a SUPER dreamy place for adventure elopements. A few of our favorite locations for rainforest elopements include Costa Rica, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest.

cliff jumping destination elopement

Go cliff jumping.

This idea is definitely not for the faint of heart or those who fear heights. In places like the Mediterranean, you can jump off a cliff or two into the water as a celebratory finish to an epic elopement day!

Stay the night in an underwater hotel.

By far one of the most unique ways to celebrate your adventure elopement is by renting a floating room with views of fish or coral reefs underwater. While definitely not the most budget-friendly option for a destination elopement, it’s definitely a bucket list experience worth the price. Check out this list of underwater hotels across the world to see if any make your heart sing!

Celebrate your elopement in the rain or snow.

Even if you aren’t seeking a far off destination for your elopement, you can still say your vows in some wet weather like rain or snow.

As elopement photographers + videographers, we often get asked about weather for the big day. And honestly, unless the storm we’re experiencing is dangerous or a safety hazard (think: lightning storms at elevation or white-out blizzards that make it unsafe to drive), we say embrace the weather! Some of our favorite photos come from rainy or snowy days, and it’s another great way to bring in the element of water on your wedding day.

Planning an Elopement or Destination Wedding by the Water?

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