Best Places to Elope in Colorado with Mountains + Water

Colorado is definitely famous for our rocky mountains, but this place has far more to offer eloping couples than you might think. We not only have the Great Sand Dunes National Park, but also dozens of beautiful alpine lakes, dramatic canyons, and gushing waterfalls.

If you want more than just sweeping mountain views for your Colorado elopement, check out some of our favorite spots that also have an element of water there as well!

Please note: be sure to check with all local parks, national forests, and/or municipalities regarding permits that may be required before eloping to one of these locations. 

lake isabelle elopement sunrise colorado

Lake Isabelle

Elevation: 10,868 feet

Accessibility: moderate 4-5 miles roundtrip hike, with 440 elevation gain from the trailhead

Description: Lake Isabelle is especially gorgeous for sunrise elopements, with the potential to see some pretty spectacular alpenglow in the morning. Most often accessible between mid-June and mid-October. You can access the trailhead by entering the Brainard Lake Recreation Area and taking the Long Lake Trailhead up from there. Can be a very popular place during summer, so mornings on weekdays are best for this spot to avoid crowds.

mount evans elopement photographer in colorado

Summit Lake, Mount Blue Sky

Elevation: 12,836 feet

Accessibility: easy, short walk from parking lot

Description: Located along the Scenic Byway up to Mount Blue Sky (formerly known as Mount Evans), Summit Lake was formed from glaciers over the last several thousand years. It’s actually part of the Denver Mountain Parks system, making it the highest city park in the U.S. To top it off, there are plenty of other fantastic views along the Byway, so there is no shortage of photo opportunities here. You might even get to see some mountain goats and/or bighorn sheep! Just be sure to aim for an early morning or a weekday to avoid the summer crowds. The mountain is open from late May/early June through September.

twin lakes elopement photographer

Twin Lakes

Elevation: 9,700 feet

Accessibility: easy semi-flat walk from parking lot

Description: Twin Lakes is another fantastic option (and lesser known!), especially for those wanting views of some of the tallest peaks in Colorado. These two glacial lakes are larger than many others in the state, and make some gorgeous reflections all year round. For couples wanting to have an even more adventurous elopement day, you can head up to Independence Pass after your ceremony for even more mountain views, especially at sunset!

gross reservoir boulder elopement photographer

Gross Reservoir

Elevation: 7,300 feet

Accessibility: short hike from parking area

Description: Fairly easy to access nearly year-round, Gross Reservoir is located just outside of Boulder along the road just past Flagstaff mountain. During summers after a heavy winter, the lake looks filled to the brim, with the blue water popping out against the green mountains surrounding it. Update: As of 2022, Gross Reservoir is restricting photography permits at this location. We hope it’ll be available again in the future!

st marys glacier engagement photos

St. Mary’s Glacier

Elevation: 10,800 feet

Accessibility: requires a 3/4 mile moderate hike up (1.5 miles roundtrip)

Description: Another dog-friendly hike, St. Mary’s Glacier is a stunning place during the summer for elopements. Around July, you can find plenty of wildflowers blooming alongside the lake! However, this location is very popular and would be best for morning/sunrise elopements during weekdays.

Grand Lake + Lake Granby

Elevation: approx. 8,300 feet

Accessibility: easy access from parking lots

Description: Both Grand Lake and Lake Granby are surrounded by some of the best mountain views without as many crowds as other locations, especially on weekdays. As long as you’re able to access the roads and highways up to this valley, you can elope in this area year-round. You can even elope at one of these lakes and follow the experience up with a drive into Rocky Mountain National Park!

Sapphire Point, Lake Dillon

Elevation: 9,500 feet

Accessibility: easy walk from parking lot (0.6 miles if you walk the whole loop)

Description: Sapphire Point is one of the most popular locations that combine lake and mountain views for elopements and small weddings in Colorado — but for good reasons! It’s easy to access, has great views, and the online reservation system to book a couple hours at this spot is pretty easy and inexpensive. You can also drive around to other spots along the lake, or combine it with a drive up to Loveland Pass!

crater lake maroon bells

Crater Lake, Maroon Bells

Elevation: 10,000 feet

Accessibility: most people have to take the bus from the Visitor Center up to the base of Maroon Bells, and from there you’ll take a moderate hike about 1.75 miles up to Crater Lake (over 600 feet elevation gain)

Description: Maroon Bells is prettiest at sunrise, and if you get there early enough in the morning, you can park yourself instead of taking the bus. It can be well worth it to get up early and hike to Crater Lake to avoid the crowds on a weekday and get even closer to the Maroon Bells peaks than where most tourists go at the main lower lake. A personal favorite of ours!

Palmer Lake Reservoir

Elevation: approx. 8,000 feet

Accessibility: moderate 3-4 mile roundtrip hike up a somewhat steep trail

Description: This is a hidden little gem located in our owner Kaitlyn’s town of Palmer Lake, located in between Colorado Springs and Denver in the foothills. Palmer Lake Reservoir is busy on weekends, but can feel super secluded and intimate for elopements on weekdays, as if no one else is there at all.

Piney River Ranch

Elevation: 9,350 feet

Accessibility: road access may be limited in the off-season, and navigation may not work once leaving Vail to drive the 45 minutes along the Forest Service road to the venue

Description: Piney River Ranch as a venue is only open seasonally from late June through the end of September, but the road to Piney stays open other months of the year and is managed by the US Forest Service. The venue doesn’t offer elopements, but may work well for weddings with less than 25-50 guests and they do offer a ceremony-only package! It’s a stunning location that is on our team’s bucket list, with a beautiful waterfront and tall peaks in the backdrop. Super dreamy!

Rocky Mountain National Park

RMNP has a variety of great spots for elopement portraits! However, do keep in mind that for any type of vow ceremony, the park requires a wedding reservation in advance and has a specific list of ceremony locations to choose from. After your ceremony, or if you’re only opting for an adventure session, you’re free to take portraits in other areas of the park! Here are some of our favorites:

Dream Lake

Elevation: 9,900 feet

Accessibility: fairly easy hike, about 2 miles roundtrip

Description: Dream Lake is another fantastic spot for alpenglow at sunrise, but just as beautiful at nearly any point in the day – and all year!

Alberta Falls

Elevation: approx. 9,400 feet

Accessibility: easy 1.7 mile roundtrip hike

Description: Alberta Falls is one of the more easy waterfalls to access inside RMNP. The waterfall itself is about 30 feet tall, with plenty of trees and boulders around to give this a romantic vibe for sure.

Ouzel Falls

Elevation: approx. 9,500 feet

Accessibility: requires a more moderate 5.4 mile roundtrip hike with about 900 feet in elevation gain from the trailhead to the falls

Description: Along this trail for Ouzel Falls, you can see everything from the running creek water, meadows, wildflowers (in summer) and mountain views. It even passes a few other waterfalls along the way!

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