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Find success in growth and stability

Working on your business is just as important as working in it. And without a strategic plan, you’re holding yourself back from reaching financial, personal, and inner potential.


Go beyond just social media and networking — it’s time to start a long-term passive marketing plan.


Reach your revenue goals, so you can have more time to focus on other things, like your clients, hobbies, and family.


Learn how to attract ideal clients and increase leads, without spending time and money on ads.

Hey there!

I’m Kaitlyn, a photographer + videographer who took her experience and skillset in the digital marketing industry to grow her passion for weddings into a 6-figure business in under four years.

SEO is the number one lead generating strategy that significantly grew my business over the last eight years, stabilized my income, and continues to land me dream clients today.

Although I’ve taught a few successful SEO workshops in the past, I’ve realized that I truly love getting to work one-on-one with photographers for the greatest impact.

I’m here to help photographers like you learn the ins and outs of a seemingly “technical” marketing strategy by simplifying the process through personalized consulting and done-for-you blog writing to take your business to the next level.

Start getting down to business — for real.

Invest in knowledge

Learn strategic marketing tactics


$200 per one-hour session

  • Personalized attention to your specific business needs, niche, and goals
  • Video call on Zoom + a recording of the call for you to refer back to
  • Discuss specific questions about SEO, web design / user experience, blogging, and copywriting
  • Review your website or Google Analytics reports together for optimization and get simple tweaks to boost rankings and conversions
  • Strategize by building out your “buyer persona” or ideal client avatars (ICA) and brainstorm ideas for future blogs
  • Purchase 3 sessions at once for $500, and I’ll provide additional custom research done before our first call


Save time + grow your business


$400 starting rate for 800 words

  • Written with your dream clients in mind
  • Includes effective keyword research, headers, and links to boost SEO
  • Optimized directly on your website platform (WordPress, Showit, or Squarespace only)
  • Go the distance with cornerstone content (1200-2000 word blog posts) designed to rank in the top search results for $600
  • Discounts and in-depth blog strategy available with a 6-month contract — limited spots available

What people are saying

“Over the past few years, I have turned to Kaitlyn for the insight needed to grow my wedding photography business. From branding to SEO to portfolio reviews (and everything in between), Kaitlyn has consistently proven herself to be a wealth of knowledge. Perhaps even greater, however, is her ability to translate this knowledge into concrete action items that have had a direct and immediate impact on my business.”
Stephanie Robinson
Stephanie Yves Photography
“I have gained so much from chatting with Kaitlyn over the last year. She knows marketing, and she really gets SEO, so it’s great to be able to come to her with an idea and to get her viewpoints on how I could make it the most effective post for Google. It’s great to get that second professional perspective! She’s also helped me firm up my pricing strategy and marketing by being a solid sounding board for ideas and actionable items.”
Jennie Crate
Jennie Crate Photography

Let’s be strategic about achieving your goals.

Reach out to start the process with a personalized marketing strategy
or by working with me for your blog writing needs.

Common Questions

While I don’t currently offer services to do a bulk of the legwork for you, I do guide you through all the basics of SEO best practices, provide you with specific feedback and action items for website improvement, and collaborate with you for a custom strategic marketing plan to reach your dream clients. And if you need extra help with putting SEO-focused content out there, my blogging services are the next best step in getting started.

I have over 10 years of experience working on a variety of website platforms with former blog and web design clients, and highly recommend that all photographers who are serious about long-term SEO improvement be on WordPress. That said, I do also provide consulting and blogging services for photographers on Showit and Squarespace, which can be solid platforms for beginners to rank on Google, and consulting for photographers looking to make the switch to one of these platforms from other sites like Wix or Pixieset.

Blog content for the basic level (800 word count) posts are delivered via Google Docs, including proper SEO structure with headings/subheadings, internal links to relevant pages on your website, external links to other websites that help with SEO, and effective keywords related to the chosen topic.

Cornerstone content (1500+ word blog posts) are saved as a draft directly on your website platform and include additional optimization, such as images, meta descriptions, and more — so you can review, edit, and publish when you’re ready.

Blog titles/topics are selected in two ways: 1) if you already have a list of blog ideas to choose from, then you can have me write one of them; or 2) you can begin with a consulting session in which we explore your niche and ideal client avatars, brainstorm together to form a list of 10+ blog ideas, and then work with me to write them for you.

At this time I do not assist with blog posts that focus on specific clients with a bunch of images from one session or wedding. But I can certainly write content that includes examples of your work in posts and “ultimate guide” type articles that help you rank for specific locations, venues, parks, and more.

Start improving your SEO today.

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