How to Elope in Colorado

Whether you’ve been with your significant other for years or you just got engaged, you might want to consider eloping! While planning a wedding is exciting, it can also be overwhelming, stressful and costly.

There are many great benefits to eloping, especially in the Colorado. If you’re starting to think that an elopement might be the right option for you both, take a look at the following information on how to do so below!

1. Remember that this is your special day. Not anyone else’s. 

It may be challenging for you to elope if you have a big family, but the first thing you should keep in mind that no matter what style of wedding ceremony you have, at the end of the day it is your  wedding. If you aren’t comfortable with eloping, then consider a small wedding ceremony. If you can’t imagine not eloping with the love of your life, then by all means, do it!

You should, however, prepare yourself for their reactions. Chances are you’ll have a mix of people who are happy for you, but several who may express their hurt feelings about not being present.

2. Consider your elopement options. 

The courthouse may be your first thought, but it isn’t the only to elope! Your elopement could be a complete surprise (especially if neither of you have even “popped the question” yet), a mountaintop elopement with you two and an officiant or even a “planned” elopement with your closest friends and family there. And in Colorado, you can even self-solemnize without an officiant present!

3. Look up the marriage license laws in your state (or the state you’ll be eloping to). 

Every state is different, so it’s best to look up how much time it will take for you to register for your license and receive it in the mail. Sometimes a witness is required and others one isn’t. Check your local state marriage laws here.

4. Determine where you’d like to say your vows. 

If you want to elope in Colorado, we have already compiled a list of some of the best places to elope in the Rocky Mountain state! However, if you’re thinking something more tropical or something abroad, the opportunities are endless. Do some research and talk to your partner about what has the most meaning for both of you!

5. Plan the elopement details to your liking!

One of the most fun parts about an elopement is that you can still borrow traditional parts of a normal wedding as you wish.

Want to go all out in a jaw-dropping ball gown? Do it!

In love with the idea of stunning photographs capture it all? Then hire an amazing photographer who specializes in elopements!

Still want to celebrate with friends and family afterwards? Plan a post-elopement party to celebrate when you get back home! You might even want to check out this list of dreamy and fun ways to elope for inspiration!

Contact a Colorado Elopement Photographer

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