Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

More than sixty percent of Americans today own pets. The pet population is continually growing. But they are more than just animals — they are family!

With that said, couples are looking for ways to include their furry friends in the most important event of their life — their wedding. And if you’re one of them, you should take a look at this list to discover the many ways you can include your special friends in your special day:

Include Your Pet in Your Proposal

If the person you are proposing to loves his or her pet like a family member, get extra brownie points by finding creative ways to include the pet in the proposal! It will surely make the experience extra special and memorable for your person and your pet.

Bring Your Pet to Your Photoshoots

Animals tend to bring smiles to everyone. Find fun ways to include your adorable pets in your save the dates, engagement, or wedding photos so that your family and friends can smile when they see how much they mean to you.

Give Them a Special Job

There are many ways to incorporate your pets in your actual ceremony. Consider giving them a job or a role. You can test out different jobs with your pet beforehand to see what works best, but some ideas to run with are: sign holder, flower girl/boy, ring bearer, or even just an escort of the bride.

Carry Your Pet Down the Aisle

Not every girl likes flowers. If you are one of the girls who doesn’t need or want a bouquet, there is always another option! If your dog, cat or other pet is small enough to carry, hold them as you walk down the aisle in place of a traditional bouquet!

Have Your Pets by Your Side

Sometimes simple is better. If you want to include your pet in your wedding but don’t want it to cause any extra strain or stress in the planning, opt for the simplest option of just having your pet stand or sit next to your during the ceremony.

Include Them in Spirit

If you really want to involve your pets in your wedding but you just don’t think they will behave enough to do so or you don’t have a pet-friendly wedding venue, there are others ways you can still include them. You can have a custom cake topper made, include photos of them, or have special decorations made in their honor, just to name a few ideas!

Plan a Pet-Friendly Wedding

If you want to go all out with a pet-friendly wedding, invite your guests to bring their pets along to the ceremony or reception! Include them in the party by setting up their own play area. Offer “doggie bags” filled with treats alongside of party favors (from your pets to theirs). Provide guests with treats or food to give to the pets at the reception. Or purchase party favors that go towards a pet charity!

Dress Them Up

Have custom suits and dresses made for your pets and dress them up for the wedding. Not only will they look adorable, your guests get a kick out of it and it will make for great photo opportunities!

Hire a Wedding Photographer that Loves Animals as Much as You Do

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