Adventure Wedding Ideas

Life is an adventure, and so is love. An adventure wedding is a fun way to say your vows, especially if you are a nontraditional couple. Below are just a few ways to plan the ultimate adventurous and daring wedding:

underwater wedding photos


If you have a fascination of marine life or want an extraordinary wedding experience, consider an underwater wedding.  The Maldives has miraculous views of the Indian Ocean, plenty of resorts, and most importantly, arrangements to get married underwater by scuba diving or submarine.  Or for something close to home: head to the clear cold spring waters of Florida.

Hot Air Balloon

Riding in a hot air balloon is a great adventure that many hope to check off their bucket list. Why not take that adventure with the love of your life on the most important day of your life? There are many beautiful places that you can choose from.

A Grotto or Cave

Nothing screams adventure like going underground into a dark cave. Spectacular caves and grottos all over the world allow you to pursue your adventurous wedding in a truly unique fashion.

The Desert

Being in a desert is always a daring choice and you never know what you are going to get. There are different variations of deserts to choose from. It could be a white sand-like desert such as Bolivian Salt Flats, otherwise known as Salar de Uyuni – the world’s largest salt flat. Or you could plan a desert wedding with a more vibrant backdrop, such as Valley of Fire in Nevada. And if you’re up for something truly scenic, try the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado!

On a Volcano

The idea of getting married on a volcano would terrify most, but If you are a real dare devil, the idea of standing on a mountain that could erupt with lava at any given moment will thrill you! Hawaii is the perfect place to plan your volcanic romance.


Hiking up a mountain and skiing down it is an exhilarating feeling. The slopes are a fun and adventurous way to celebrate a marriage. There are many places that offer wedding packages for ski lovers, including Washington State, Colorado, and the Northeast. 


You can’t be a true adventure seeker if you don’t love camping. If a camping trip for your wedding doesn’t seem too flattering, don’t worry – there plenty of places that offer glamping, a more glamorous form of camping.

On a Ledge or a Mountain

Standing at the top or on the ledge of a mountain while saying your “I dos” can create a sense of euphoria like no other. New Zealand takes this to a whole new level by allowing couples to scout out their mountain top or cliff via helicopter ride.

Northern Lights

Seeing and experiencing the Northern Lights is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you are daring enough to chance seeing them on your wedding day, Alaska or Iceland are the best places to go – but be sure to go during the winter months to ensure your chance of seeing them.

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