your destination options are endless

With a smaller guest count, you can go almost anywhere, and we’d love to join you there!

If you swoon over locations that feature water like we do (think: lakes, waterfalls, beaches, rain, fog, or even springs and lakes in the desert!), we’d love to help you capture the experience, the views, and your love story.

Whether you’re planning an intimate celebration with 20 of your closest family and friends, or a bigger destination weekend with 50+ amazing people, we can bring your vision to life in a way that feels fun, stress-free, and exciting. Let’s discover an adventure that feels genuine and thrilling to you both!

how to know if a small destination wedding is right for you

Do you . . .

  • prefer to spend money on new experiences, like traveling the world, over new “things”?
  • want your wedding day to be intentional in every way, from your guest count to the location + scenery?
  • hate the idea of settling for something traditional?
  • want to start your honeymoon early?
  • love the outdoors and don’t mind getting a little mud or rain on your wedding dress/attire?

. . . then you just might be our kind of people!

benefits of hiring a photo + video team

Although we love working with other amazing vendors, hiring our team for both wedding photography and videography in one package is something almost all of our couples rave about. 

Not only does it make your wedding planning process faster, it also means we show up with the same goal in mind: working as a team to capture images and videos we know you’ll love. No competitions, no getting in each other’s way, and (ultimately) a smoother, less-stressful experience for you on the best day of your lives. 

colorful photography + cinematic videography

We are a photo and video team based in Washington and Colorado, with experience of capturing over 200 combined weddings over the last decade all across the country (and abroad!).

We believe in guiding you through an authentic wedding day experience that feels comfortable, laid-back, and fun. Our work brings out the uniqueness of your love story on camera with vibrant colors, genuine emotions, and artistic angles in an unobtrusive way.  

We also focus on capturing and editing in a way that feels timeless, so that it won’t go out of style in 10 or 20 years.

Because we know just how important this day, these people, and these memories are — and you deserve to remember exactly how those moments felt.


our planning process


We connect over a video call to answer any questions you have and to get to know one another, because how you feel during the experience is just as important as the photos or video you’ll get after the day is over. We wholeheartedly believe in making sure you find someone you’re completely comfortable working with. We’re also here to guide you throughout the entire planning process!


Next, we’ll discuss date and location options that fit the vision you have for your day. Trust me: we get just as excited about this as you do! Our goal is to guide you in discovering hidden gem spots you may not even have heard about yet and offering insight about things to plan for (weather, seasons, permits, and more!).

And booking your day with us is super simple through an online tool that allows you to select your package, sign an agreement, and pay a deposit all on one website.


When your day finally arrives, we’ll be there to calm your nerves and hype you up. Our team is skilled at finding the perfect balance between gentle posing and capturing genuine emotions. And within 2-3 months, you’ll have a full gallery and/or highlight film to share with your loved ones online!

how video complements your photo gallery

You may not remember what someone said; only how they made you feel. With video, you do get to remember the words.

Between your personalized vows or letters, the sounds of scenery like wind and rain, or words spoken by your officiant or family members present on your wedding day — there’s nothing quite like being able to re-live your experience through video.

It’s a huge reason why over 80% of our couples book us for both photo and video together. We promise it’s worth it.


 small venues, locations, + a whole lot more

Having a hard time picturing what this whole non-traditional wedding experience looks like? Here are some ideas we’ve put together below to help you find the right option for you!

small wedding photo/video packages + pricing

We offer a variety of packages for everything from epic destinations to more local options in the PNW. Whether you’re looking for a photography and videography team, or only one out of the two, we have a package to fit your needs.