Top 5 Details Your Wedding Photographer Shouldn’t Miss

Top 5 Details Your Wedding Photographer Shouldn’t Miss

Any wedding photographer out there should know not to miss the big moments—you know, the first kiss, the first dance, and all the other traditional events you’ll be listing out on your wedding day timeline. But what about the little things, the small details that combine together to truly make your day unique?

When you’re shopping around for the right wedding photographer, be sure to remember these details when looking through their portfolios:

The Rings

One of my favorite items to capture is—of course—the bling! And not just because it’s often beautiful and glamorous.

Your wedding and engagement rings are the perfect symbol of your love that you’ll wear every day for the rest of your lives. They are what you will exchange when you say your vows and promise your love for one another. And, for many couples, the style of the ring itself has purpose.

Are you getting them engraved? Does the shape or color of the engagement ring have a special meaning? Was your ring an heirloom? These are kinds of details that make photographs of wedding rings memorable.

The Personal Touches

Whether you two plan on swapping notes before the ceremony or your grandmother’s locket will be tied to the base of the bouquet, each personal touch is a precious element of the bigger whole. Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer about it all!

Other personal touches your photographer may want to capture include: hand-me-down (borrowed) items, handwritten vows, small day-of gifts from family or friends, and anything DIY.

The Attire and Accessories

…And I’m not just talking about the dress. Everything from the lace pattern on the bodice of your gown and the straps of your heels, to the bowtie and cufflinks the groom will wear, ask your photographer to get some shots of these details. This helps bring out some of the personality and style of your wedding, especially for those not attending to see.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your wedding details up on a popular wedding blog or being re-pinned on Pinterest someday!

The First Look

This goes for everyone, not just the couples doing an official first look before the ceremony. The second you see each other is like the peak of an emotional mountain. There may be laughs, grins, tears, or gasps, and you’ll without a doubt want it all captured as one of your favorite keepsakes.

It’s in these quick moments that it’s all about the connection you have for each other, the buildup to this very occasion, and the joy of celebrating your love together.

The Celebration

After you’ve said “I do” and pose with close family and friends for portraits, it’s time to simply let loose and have fun—and your photographer should be a fly on the wall in the best way possible.

They should be seeking to snap shots of the hugs you’ll be getting, the laughs you’ll share as you dance with the bridal party, and dozens of other memories you’ll want to hold onto for years to come.

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